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Workers' Comp

The contractor insurance market is hardening and rates are on the rise. Effective 09.15.23. Rockingham Insurance has increased minimum premiums from $500 to $1,000 in the Contractors Advantage and Rockingham Traditional programs. Don’t worry, we have a solution.

We understand the minimum premium increase may affect your smaller risks, so we are rolling out a new program with $650 Minimum Premium for you and your clients.

Just complete the form below to schedule your personalized demo and find out more about this great new program, discover the new features in our platform, and get a preview of what is on the horizon.

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Coverage Highlights

No matter how many safety precautions are followed in the workplace, unexpected accidents happen and employees can become ill due to workplace conditions. Workers compensation insurance, sometimes referred to as workman's comp or workers comp, helps protect both employees and employers if someone is injured on the job or develops a work-related illness.

  1. Electricians
  2. Plumbers
  3. Painters
  4. Concrete
  5. Trucking less than a 200 miles radius
  6. Restaurants
  7. Janitorial under 1 story height exposure
  8. Alarm Installation
  9. Landscaping
  10. Masonry
  11. Building materials dealers

  1. Lapse in coverage - must place coverage elsewhere for 90 days, family/friends, subs, temps, 1099s, day laborers working without coverage constitutes a lapse
  2. Experience rating greater than 1.50, debit mod history (multiple years of debit modification experience) sub-contracted work greater than 20% of total operations
  3. Back-dating coverage
  4. A License contractors across the board. Demo, grading, tree trimming licenses are all auto declines if carried by insured regardless of operation submitted
  5. Pool exposure, pool repair, pump repair, pool cleaning, pool painting/refinishing
  6. Satellite dish installation, telephone line installation (exterior), exterior pole work
  7. Solar work
  8. Skylight work
  9. Debris removal/recycling, garbage pick-up/haul away
  10. Public road work
  11. Valet
  12. Delivery other than catering
  13. Leased employees
  14. Hospitals, airports
  15. Towing, roadside assistance
  16. Sewer lines, manholes
  17. Furniture movers
  18. Flood/fire restoration
  19. Sign installation
  20. Military/government installation exposures (zero tolerance)
  21. Temp agencies
  22. Cash laborers/temps/uninsured subs utilized

  1. Start-ups, new ventures, and existing businesses
  2. Max height of 25 ft./two stories or less (No roofing, truss, or gutter work)
  3. Out-of-state travel ≤ 15%
  4. Debit mods eligible when driven by severity over frequency
  5. Travel radius ≤ 200 miles

  • A.M. Best "A" rated

  • Online pay-as-you-go payment plan

  • No minimum payroll required

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California Workers Comp Target Class Codes

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